Nuru Magram was born in Tanzania. She is the only girl in a family of four and as a kid she moved together with her family to Sweden where she now resides.  Already at a very young age, Nuru showed signs of great talent and  love for music.

She  was later discovered and signed at the age of sixteen by Stockholm Records; a renowed recording company by then in Sweden.

Young Nuru became the artist DANUMA, who recorded her first single called Summertime and toured around the world performing. Her music career blossomed to great heights  which lead to her co-laborating with variuos artists both föreign and domestic.

Danuma is a project of Pierre Jerksten.

In 1994 Danuma contributed to Cool James & Black Teacher's album Zooming You as backing vocalist (on Godfather, Knockin' You, Innocent Children, The Rhythm Of The Tribe, Madame For Me and Coocoo You).

The first track on the single Look At Your Man was RnB, but its S.F.C. Remix was an excellent eurodance track. Summertime was more downtempo. I Wish I Could Fly was a house/garage track.

The boutique label was originally launched in 1992 as an independent record company by its Swedish founders Ola Håkansson and Alexander Bard in partnership with the original distributor and investor Polygram in London.

Håkansson and Bard sold their shares in Stockholm Records to Universal Music Group in 1998, after which the company was folded into Universal Music as a boutique label.

Besides Nuru The Light or signed as Danuma back then she was labelmates with Cardigans,Johan Renck,A-Teens and Army of Lovers.

In 2000,  Nuru became fascinated with the music genre called  BONGOFLAVA and decided to do her first Swahili song and album called WALIMWENGU.

She teamed up with the Joevibes Productions in Stockholm, Sweden and started working on her album.

Nuru-The Light as she is now called  has released songs like Walimwengu, Msela, Kwanini, Muhogo Andazi, Nsubiri usilale and is currently working on the second alubum. Nuru's music can be described as Pop, Zouk, Bongoflava or simply music.

Nuru is an artist, entrepreneur and also a fashion blogger.

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